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EPISODE 3 follows the tour from Baltimore to Washington and Richmond and features interviews with Tony Weinbender, Double Dagger, Less Than Jake, Landmines and The Outsiders.

In October 2011, the makers of D.I.Wireless podcast embarked on a month-long road trip down the east coast of the United States to attend the 10th anniversary of THE FEST in Gainesville, Florida.

Along the way they met a number of bands who make the same pilgrimage year after year to one of the biggest punk rock parties ever forgotten.

The series captures thoughts about hometown scenes as well as what makes THE FEST so unique - told by those who play the theatres, bars and cafes, but are also in the thick of the debauchery just as much as the thousands of people from around the world who swarm to Gainesville every year.

All 6 episodes will debut on as well as on with a new episode online every 2 weeks.

EPISODE 3 Soundtrack:

00:01 - 'William's Breach' / Coue Method -
01:17 - 'Camouflage' / Double Dagger -
03:31 - 'Of Books and Bells' / The Quickening -
05:25 - 'Five State Drive' / Less Than Jake -
07:06 - 'History's End' / Hoodlum Shouts -
08:01 - 'Evil Eye' / Landmines -
10:34 - 'The Credits Roll' / The Outsiders -
12:41 - 'Safe and Sound' / Milestones -

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