Following the warm worldwide reception of the award-winning documentary film "Bombay Beach" (Winner at the Tribeca Film Festival 2011), many people have reached out to us and asked how they can help the characters of the film.


We're happy to announce that CeeJay is currently attending the University of Minnesota on a full scholarship. However, the other heroes of our film, the unforgettable 7-year-old Benny Parrish and his 10-year-old brother Mike, as well as poetic 86-year-old loner Red, could really use your help!

The lives of these people have touched many around the world and their humanity and resilience deserve our love and attention. We've organized this fundraiser to show them our support. Please join us and post this where ever you can.

Our goal is to raise money for the following:

1. Benny is off the Lithium and Ritalin, and in order to stay off them and keep going to school he needs regular access to therapy and sport activities. A lot of pressure is being put on Benny's mother to keep him on his medication, and without proper help, he'll be back into this life-threatening cycle. We want to get a therapist to come see Benny once a week and to make sure this continues long enough. Our efforts to get it locally failed and we want to make sure some one is paid to do this and can keep us posted on any development. We hope to also include sport activities as part of his therapy.

2. Mike, Benny's older brother, was held back a class after failing in five different subjects. He's been struggling through the whole year and was held back again. Now he's facing the possibility of being held back a third time and is in bad need of some private tutoring and means of diagnosing a possible learning disability. We want to make sure this doesn't happen a third time now that it's clear, he's not getting the help he needs.

3. Red has been trying to build solar panels so he can have air conditioner in his trailer and minimize the chances of another stroke. Summer is coming and the temperature can go as high as be 45 Celsius / 120 Fahrenheit degrees in the area. In order to make the solar panels work, he needs a few specialty batteries and to get insurance for his trailer.


You can help either by donating money (every dollar counts!) or by organizing a local screening of the film, where all proceeds will go towards the Paypal account we've set up. Some of these screenings have already started taking place in London and have sold out overnight. We're hoping to continue these screenings until July 2012, so we can help the kids start the new school year with all the help they need, and for Red to have a safe summer.

To arrange a screening, contact us at

If you haven't seen the film yet, learn about it here: "Bombay Beach" Official Website

If you're in the US, you can stream the film on Netflix, or purchase it through iTunes or Amazon

If you're in the UK, stay tuned for an upcoming TV broadcast on Channel 4, or to buy a copy go here:

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