Tokyo's cafe culture continues as an extremely diverse and yet unique development. "Cafe Tegamisha" is managed by a publishing company so it has the atmosphere of an extremely high-culture cafe. The shop is a public corporation in a small town just a little ways from the heart of Tokyo, operating in an apartment housing district that conjures up feelings of nostalgia to Japanese. It is a nostalgic location with bossa nova and Portuguese-style legume-based cuisine. At first glance it seems like a mismatch, but they coexistent in perfect harmony in a lovely space together. In addition, this work was taken with Nikon's D4.

camera: Nikon D4
lens: Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 2/28mm ZF
      Carl Zeiss PlanarT* 1.4/50mm ZF
      Carl Zeiss PlanarT* 1.4/85mm ZF

music by naomi & goro

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