From a small idea that was brainstormed in my living room, to a state-wide experience, I never would have imagined it would have turned into something like this. As a photographer that grew up in this state, I had fallen in love with the beauty and richness that it offers every individual. Once threatened, I couldn't remain silent. I couldn't stay behind the camera and hide from the fear I felt inside.

It is because of YOU that The Vote Against Project is what it is today.
It is because of your love, your energy and your passion towards what is right -- that motivated me to keep working, to keep fighting.

We are now all connected. There is a common thread holding us all together. From this thread we will forever be united, forever touched by what was meant to hurt us, that allowed us to grow stronger.

I stand by your side through it all. I will stand with you and hold your hand through the battlefield of what is right and true.

I will never be able to express my thanks to you for what you have given me and my team. This gallery show is my gift to you. It is a small U-shaped part of my heart that you will forever have a reserved spot in.

I told my team from day one, whether we win or loose --if ONE of our photos shaped a mind, changed a heart, or educated just ONE person, then we won. If ONE of our photos brought a family closer together, gave one memory to a person that they would never forget, or saved one childs life because they finally felt like they belonged in their town, or in this state….then WE WON.

I know we have won. Because through all these images, you have saved me, you gave me the hope and strength to feel accepted and loved.

So thank you. From the U-shape part of my heart, I say THANK YOU.

I will never forget you.

Curtis Brown
Creator and Photographer

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