Darryl Condon, architect and managing partner at Vancouver-based architecture firm HCMA, was the speaker at the May 4th, 2012 CreativeMornings/Vancouver event sponsored by CAPIC & DOXA and hosted by W2 Media Café & GDC/BC.

Condon spoke about architecture as a social art, and the need to stop giving over our public spaces to the private sector. He also challenged our own assumptions about what sustainable design and building should be, arguing that adding a "trinket" to a building is not sustainable at all. Condon argued that sustainability is not only about the environment, but about building communities by creating democratic open inclusive spaces. He also argued that accessibility is fundamental and should be designed for from the start rather than as an add on. The question and answer period after Condon's talk was engaging and intelligent, with so many questions from the audience that a number of them had to be answered after the event—check out our Tumblr blog page for Condon's written answers.

The Vancouver chapter of CreativeMornings is run by Mark Busse (@MarkBusse) and his dedicated team of volunteers. Thanks to Ryan Mah (@Unisonpress), Mahyar Saeedi (@MahyarSaeedi), Jake Hermiston and Matthew Shettler for video production.


CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee! (creativemornings.com)


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