In a rapidly vacating city, street art makes Baltimore beautiful.

This video takes a look at the street art scene in Baltimore, both legal and illegal (tangentially touching upon the graffiti scene as well.) It talks about an ever more desolate landscape and how street artists are using that as their canvas. Some street artists they talk to create and post up silkscreened posters promoting May Day protests and introspectively talk about how using a spray can to convey information and get their message out would be dismissed as vandalism but by pasting up posters they find it to be a more successful medium.

The video goes on to talk about Open Walls Baltimore, a major public art project that has invited some major names from the street art world to paint murals in the city. Gaia, the organizer of the project is featured in an interview and both he and others talk about the double-edged sword of how the public art may both beautify and gentrify a neighborhood and the benefits and dangers that may have on a community.

Credits: Clary Estes, Gabe Dinsmoor, and Alice Richardson filmed, directed and produced. Clary Estes edited the video. Street artists Nether, an artist that wished to remain unnamed, and Gaia participated in the making of this documentary. The music was composed by 6th Sense.

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