Passport to Europe : Nazri Arshad Episode 2
(PTE : NA)
*SERIOUSLY,please watch in HD*
or else DOWNLOAD this video 1st & watch it at ur 40" LED TV :D

:: the journey continue..this episode toooo much of talking,sharing info & experience.
about tea,train,food,rules,fruits..about the city itself & mostly about myself hahaha..
if you getting bored,plz watch it later :p

:: 30sec intro of credits to ALL my friends for the support & comments :)
SPOT your name ok :D

***SORRY,there's a slighly 'offset frame' @11:05 :( ..i'm going to fix & replace this video to the correct one.meantime,enjoy this :D ***

This is my personal Travelogue video during summer holiday 2011 in Europe.
123 Days in total in several places but mostly about East Hungary region.

Sorry for my bad english subtitles/translation in this video.
I'm trying to make it as short & simple as possible for everybody can enjoy this video.
Especially those with not really good in me :p

This video is made purposely for sharing information along my journey for my FAMILY & friends.
Because of the content is a general information, so i shared this for all viewers.
shared it with your friends too ;)

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