Crysis Fallen Bridge Video prepared for IDA Pictures

Director: Kaan Özsoy
Creative Director: Kaan Özsoy
VFX Producer: Irmak Atabek
Lighting, texturing, rendering: Kaan Özsoy
VFX Artist ( all explosions; smoke; fire; dust; particle; bridge, column, building destruction, cracking asphalt ): Andrey Voytishin
Lighting and rendering VFX: Andrey Voytishin
Compositing: Kaan Özsoy, Andrey Voytishin
Animation: Emre Büyükbayram

In this scene, I don't use any of the VFX footage , all VFX I have created in:
Cinema 4d , Turbulence FD , After effect , Nitroblast


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