Roy Liu delivers a history of rbenv and bundler, and debates the merits of rbenv and rvm. He also shows off his rbenv plugin, rbenv-bundler, which ties together the two seamlessly.

"The DLL- or Jar-hell problem is a widely known problem with software deployments. The RubyGems system by itself has the same dependency management issues, but thankfully there are tools to mitigate headaches. In this talk, I will be discussing the combination of rbenv + Bundler. With them, the user will be able to run multiple Rubies and project-specific gems seamlessly, in isolation, and all on the same machine. I will also introduce rbenv-bundler, an rbenv plugin I wrote that allows transparent access to Bundler-installed gem executables without explicitly invoking the Bundler system."

This was recorded May 3, 2012 at Vivísimo in Pittsburgh, Pa. at the Pittsburgh Ruby Brigade, a language-specific user group. See for more information.

A higher resolution/quality version is available. Just contact me @colindean.

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