Video Piloting using a RC electric glider with an on-board HD camera and live downlink to video goggles.
This beach is called Porto das Dunas (CE-Brazil) and I am flying near the Pacoti river, which unfortunately had a brown coloration this day, due to the recent rain.
Wind was the usual 30kph, so it barely moves forward when gliding headwind.
Notice the (non-intended) "touch and go" on the rocks... On my first attempt to land fpv, I started too low/far, gave it a little thrust and ended up too high. On my second attempt, I removed the video goggles and got nearly blind by the sun reflection on the sand, so I thought the glider was a little closer than it really was. When I realized it was over the rocks, I gave it full power to recover. It still touched its belly and wing tip on the rocks, but was able to climb again to land safely on the sand. :-)
Hope you enjoy. Comments/suggestions are welcome.

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