Directed by: @tiffanyshlain
Written by: Tiffany Shlain, Maya Draisin, Xandra Castleton
Produced by: Xandra Castleton
Edited by: Jennifer Steinman
Narrated by: Liz Marks
Design/Collage Art by Gil Gershoni of Design by Gershoni

From Tiffany: Nearly a decade ago, I directed a film about the importance of reproductive rights: Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness. I am re-releasing this film today as this is still a VERY important and relevant issue. Along with so many women and men, my mother and grandmothers fought for this right, and my father as a doctor would often take care of young women after they had unsafe back alley or self-imposed abortions. We can't go backwards.

"...a highly amusing but incisive examination of the fight for reproductive choice." -- Time Out New York

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