Directed by Grant Worth and David Riley, "Heart of Dust" finds inspiration in iconic industrial rock videos, Woodstock '94, Grimms' fairy tales, oil spills, Pompeii, and the rapture. Shot on location inside a massive steel drum and a custom built mud pit, the band finds themselves surrounded by a cast of mystic moshers and alchemic textures. The video captures the aggressive grace of Light Asylum.

Directed by Grant Worth and David Riley
Music by Light Asylum
DP - Alex Gvojic, Patrick Armitage
Camera and Lighting Assistant - Isaac Rosenthal
Additional Camera - Taran Allen, Alexander Kargaltsev
Makeup - Murphy Maxwell
Leather Accessories - Zana Bayne
Editing - David Riley and Grant Worth

Max Bernstein, Xavier Cha, Jaime Coon, Joseph Heffernan, Marie Karlberg, Ryan Lawrence, Shawn Lovejoy, Nick Lugo, Murphy Maxwell, Christian Music, Verushka Music, Destiny Pierce, Sara Taylor, and Candice Williams

Shot on location at Public Assembly and Secret Project Robot Art Experiment

Special thanks Bruno Levy and Erez Sabag

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