Ever felt like you don't belong? Fishing for Happiness follows the story of a fish, who leaves the ocean and heads for dry land in search of the things we all long for in life... love... friendship... family... a place in society... happiness. However, unknown to our hero, it's not loving open arms that await him...

This was the "Story Telling" project of a a bunch of AUB students.

Starring Callum Battersby, Soph Roberts, Ed Price and Sian Barry

Written and Directed by Joshua K Donaldson
Produced by Tom Abbosh
DOP Sirus Gahan
Camera Assistant Callum Mac
Production Designers Georgia Charter & Marlow Hope
Costume Ruby Goodchild
Costume Assistant Sally Bourner.
1st AD Jango Wierenga
2nd AD Henrik Larsen
Editied by Sam Hodge
Sound Recordist Lauren Maher
Music and sound post by Joshua K Donaldson

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