this video consists of the first experiments with diachronic blending – developed in processing -, by pedro veneroso this particular video is composed of four different manipulations of the same video sequence and represents the first test of the software.

the diachronic blending effect consists of merging frames on a time progression using a set of different merging techniques blending an array of frames individually each time the screen is rendered. the outcome is a fluid and distorted succession of images that vaguely document the way in which movement evolves, while transfiguring both actions and forms into mutable and organic shapes.

furthermore, for this particular video a 'blur' class was created to implement randomly generated blur to each frame of the video on an attempt to develop organic-ish forms based on movements of rigid structures. the green gamut was obtained by manipulating individual pixels modifying their colors while keeping luminosity intact. the final image is the result of blending all the aforementioned steps and adding three texture layers manipulated with processing and blended with diverse blend modes to the actual frame [in a photoshop-like manner].

so far the code for the software that will control this effect is still under development; as soon as we have it done we will release both the source code and the software at


for these experiments we used raw footage of the feature film 'os residentes' [yet to be released], by tiago mata machado. actress simone sales brushing her hair violently.


this experiment was made within the context of marginalia project. more information about it, as well as the source code of this software [soon], can be found at

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