One of my NFTS 1st year films- and on of the most fun to make!
It was for a project caled 'Character of Place' in which we worked with the Cinematographers and Production Designers to create a short Pixilation/ Stopmotion animated film.

We had 5 Days to plan what we were going to film, Build and light the set, Animate the film, strike the set, and edit (O_O)

Mad... but SO much fun!!!!

Naturally with it being Pixilation... I went the easy horror route :P ... also in props stores there were loads of hospital stuff for us to scavenge... and the NFTS also has an awesome SFX Department.

Francesca Adams - Animation Directior
Ines Afonso - Production Design
Maja Zamoja - Cinematography
Tom Drew - Sound Design
Caroline Bridges - Actress, Animation Assistant
Corinne Ladende - Animation Assistant
Tom Goodwin - Animation Assistant
Anna Lind - Internal Organs

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