This is the final project for an experimental strand.

A girl trapped in the constant needs of society, struggling to escape the prejudices, ridicule and abuse of youth pressure.

Succeeding is essential but not always feasible. The loop of constant desperation stimulates the wanting and evolution of time, but not necessarily progression.

Porcellena: Ellie Galvin

Music: Samuel Davis
Tom Quick
Bad Trip

With thanks to Sarah Bowman

Filmed on: Cannon 550d
Lens: Kit (18-55mm), 50mm
Edited on: Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Twixtor

It is heavily experimented on with colour correction and After Effects to get a porcelain doll effect toward the end of the film and created some very glitch-type effects to make the film a tad uncomfortable and tense.

Currently under Production for the 2012 Olympics show in Weymouth, for a 360 degree cinema.


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