A work in progress in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Paris is under attack. A delegation of women come to City Hall to plead with the Communards to do more to defend them. The women say they too will fight at the barricades. But many of the delegates are against militarism. The people’s representatives must decide if they should abandon their principles of non-violence and fight for their freedom. What is the right thing to do? Must one use terror to fight terror? They call out to the peasants who were drafted into the French army to stand with them against the wealthy. But because the bourgeois press vilify their cause, it is impossible to get their message out.

Cast: Mitchell Abidor, Joy Kelly Smith, Aaron Beebe, Deborah Matzner, Sean Shannon, Ellen Scott, Tony Lewis, Marie Weigl, Ahuva Willner, Julie Delaurier, Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs, Jay Dobkin, Michael Hagins, Greg Mehrten, Noah Tsika, Douglas Johnson, Kenji Johnson
Crew: Zoe Beloff, Nira Burstein, Donald Kelly, Erika Munro, Eric Muzzy
Musician: Bob Goldberg
Find out more at daysofthecommune.com

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