Sound track 'Chocolate Rain' by Tay Zonday.

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Inition's latest 'Future of 3D' project involved some very high-tech and low-tech 3D techniques. Putting our technical and culinary skills to the test, we challenged our 3D printing team to turn a high-tech MRI scan into a delicious, if slightly macabre, chocolate treat!

To view detailed instructions on the techniques and workflow, visit Instructables where we show how to make your own chocolate brain. The techniques used would be useful for anyone looking to 3D-print objects sourced from medical imaging data (not just for chocolate brains!).

If you enjoyed our tutorial, please dont forget to vote for us in the 'Make it Real' Challenge, currently running on Instructables.

Andy Millins, co-founder at Inition said: "I've been involved in some weird and wonderful 3D projects over the years at Inition but eating my own brain was certainly one of the most bizarre!"

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