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For the past 2 years I have been photographing portraits of young couples living together in Paris, London and Brighton. I looked into the lives of others to explore how people relate on an intimate level when living side by side, day by day. I entered the homes of real couples and asked them to be part of a story, to narrate a moment within two lovers’ lives when the communication falters and the unity separates. I photographed the sadness, the tension, the boredom which can be present in all couples’ lives at some point. I grew up with the illusion that being in love was the ultimate answer. This project was my own quest for understanding and chance for others to glimpse into hidden worlds which may reflect their own.

With this series, my artistic development has progressed both conceptually and aesthetically. Now completed, ‘Us Alone’ has gained recognition and some important awards. I now need to keep up the momentum, take it to the next level and show the work.

I have been given the opportunity to exhibit 'Us Alone' in my first solo show at the Latvian Photography Museum in Riga, in August 2012. Whilst they are helping to organise the shipping of my work, I need to cover the costs of printing and mounting the photographs. Once achieved the work will be ready to display in further exhibitions. I am asking for your support in order for me to have this series exhibited and to make this amazing opportunity a reality.

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