Peyee Chen performing Berio's 'Sequenza III for female voice' (1965), with commissioned film by Mick Lynch, at Club Integral North's 'Music to Hear and See' at Millers Yard in York on Sat 28th April 2012.

This is taken from the programme:

‘SEE SCORES’ by Peyee Chen (soprano voice) Mick Lynch (film)

As composers began to explore the possibilities of the voice, from the mid 20th century, they experimented with new ways of translating their music through musical score, often breaking into traditional manuscript notation and infecting it with more graphic and space/time notation.

These visually intriguing scores are usually seen only by the performer. So we have made a collaboration in which Mick Lynch’s specially commissioned film, that will be screened as an integrated part of Peyee’s vocal performance, makes sure the audience will be able to hear AND see the scores.

The performance will include the following works:

Luciano Berio ‘Sequenza III’ for woman’s voice (1965)

Georges Apherghis ‘Récitations’ Nos. 9 and 14, for solo voice (1977-1978)

Erin Gee ‘Mouthpiece II’ for amplified solo voice and two microphones (2002)

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