Our sea mother guides her wicked-twisted-emo dream boat while a mixture of grunge melodies and girl-powered-licks swirl in a luminescent forrest somewhere far far away.

MTV review of the song: ‘Yes! Wait … That was it!’” Listeners who’ve been waiting for the second coming of Garbage, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are likely to have the same reaction." Add a little No Doubt and you gotchur self one heck of a party. This is DREAM BOAT.

band: Beast Make Bomb
band members: Ceci Gomez, Glenn Vandyke, Sam Goldfine, Hartley Lewis
director/editor: Rylee Jean Ebsen
cinematographer: Hunter Baker
produced by: Ceci Gomez, Glenn Vandyke, Hunter baker, Stephanie Berland, + Julia Schoen.
1st ac: Arina Bleiman
camera operator: Margaret Parus
gaffer: Connor Murphy
swing: Joey DePasquale
pre-rigging crew: Mark Solomon
production assistants: Stephanie Berland + Julia Schoen
art director: Rylee Jean
art production assistants: Taylor Baker + Sarah Corrigan

++Special thanks to the wonderful Berland Family for housing us during the coldest two days in January++

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