Spanking brand new promotional video from Semester Skateboards (as of may 31st 2012). Featuring the amazing acts of Daniel Rabia, John Dahlquist, Christian Sjöberg, Martin Nilsson, Martin Ottosson, Nils Svensson, Daniel Håkansson, Gustav Svanborg-Edén, Mikael Persson and German prodigy Dirk Raßloff.

Guest appearances by Erik Westman, Jesper Nilsson, Martin Pennlowe, Danijel Stankovic, Johan Linö-Waad, Pontus Alv and Andreas Lindström.

Filmed by Martin Ottosson, Gustav Svanborg-Edén, Nils Svensson, John Dahlquist, Christian Sjöberg, Johan Hansson, David Couliau and others.

Animation, character design, artwork and motion graphics by Martin Ottosson.

Edited by Martin Ottosson.

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