a make believe forest in motion, a digital fairy tale for you to get lost inside, and belong to.

trees invites you into the woods, into the shadows, to dance with us. We show you how, lend you some moves, set-up the pace. You follow your mood, show us your moves, shadow us while we shadow you. So off we go, stumble and crawl, tiptoe and roll, bundle up, spread apart, rest and listen. And carefully, one move after the other, by ragbags of shapes, we dwell choreography. Inside and about, over and over again.

trees is a multilayered and crowded space in motion where interaction is unavoidable; therefore an alert, receptive, and participatory event. A bodily experience of the fictional, and a reciprocal event, shaped by visitors, dancers, and space tuning each other in; choreography as an open, accessible and inviting place for movement, dancing as a way of sharing. The space itself may also be presented as an autonomous installation.

trees aims to establish a start and further development of individual choreographic pre-understanding, and thereby strengthen the participants' motoric and dancing skills, artistic knowledge, self-image and creative ability. The intention is to make accessible choreography as an open, inviting place for an activity.

trees is led by three professional dancers and a project manager, and is a physically fully accessible cultural experience without requiring prior knowledge of dance and choreography. Each occasion is the same, yet unique and is about what occurs there and then, in the encounter between people.

With over 100 played performances, trees has had a very positive response from young audiences, teachers, assistants and organizers as well as a broad adult audience. It is an artistic educational project for adults as well as for children, students and special schools. It has also been part of a project focusing on contemporary art and sensory stimulation for adult audiences with limited functional capacity.

Children and young people with different disabilities have responded positive to the experiences of a theatrical work that speaks to them.

Space, digital imagery, sound-score and choreography are all original material from the production cut-outs & trees (2010).

cut-outs & trees was commissioned by ENPARTS (European Network Performing Arts), premiered at Venice Dance Biennale June 2010 and performed at Dance Umbrella London October 2010.

trees was first presented at Dansens Hus Stockholm March 2011 and November 2011-January 2012 for a total of 108 performances.

The space installation was presented at Dansens Hus Stockholm March 31-April 21 and at MADE festival May 11& 12 2011.


choreography Cristina Caprioli

dancers Linda Blomqvist, Emelie Johansson, Madeleine Lindh

dancers 2011 Anja Arnquist Emelie Johansson Johanna Klint Cilla Olsen

digital projections Panagiotis Michalatos

sound Carsten Nicolai a.k.a. alva noto

technical coordination Tobias Hallgren / Lumination of Sweden

producer Tina Eriksson Fredriksson

film Madeleine Lindh
edit Madeleine Lindh

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