1 Year VJ NicoHitler [2009 Comedian MeinKampf 3 ObamaDeception Cabinet Susan Boyle ReMix ;]
by ewing2001 aka Nico Haupt

Background Info:

VJ NicoHitler was created during April 2008, as a political satire art experiment against any kind of layers of fascism. At one point, the project got opposed so strongly at Ground Zero, that WeAreChange called the cops on Haupt, who created this 'character'. Despite the fact, that there had never been any criminal charges filed against Haupt [worldwide], PrisonPlanet and others coined the idea, that Haupt aka 9/11 researcher ewing2001 is a high paid 'cointelpro agent', who's 'acting homeless'. Fact is that Haupt had to 'couch around' for almost 21 months, after some NY POST article was released, with the help of 9/11 doku film maker John Albanese and Andrea Peyser, who helped spreading lies about Haupt and triggered a former buddy of Haupt, to remove him illegally from a lease.

After a long journey with more abuse, hacks and any kind of other sabotage, Haupt turned *himself* verbally abusive ; even against his closest friends and traumatized everyone around him. Haupt himself doesn't regret that he used harmless "transgression- and/or xploitation videos", inspired by some authentic 80s movement, to protect himself against actual violence. It was obvious to him, that the perps behind 9/11, linked also to both Tavistock and MIT, used him now even more for some 'social experiment' , to either turn him into some patsie or survivalist specialist ; Both Planehuggers and NoPlaners were not able to look through this, either as a result of own cowardice, doublethink or lack of knowledge.

The worst scenario didn't work out yet. After almost 2 years, Haupt finally signed a new lease, to some new home, during April 2009, and decided to go back to his original roots as a comedian, and again DJ and VJ, though it occurs to him, that he's still not 100% protected and constantly manipulated by close associates, formerly linked to self-abusive pseudo-religious cults, who continue to control and also coOpt the noPlanes- and DEW+ facts.

Let's just see who has the last laugh ;

"...The whole Internet is a "beacon" and still run by private military - and Intelligence contractors. Any kind of paranoia or uncontrolled pronoia is actually part and willing result of a calculated military psyOP as well, it's therefore silly, unproductive and unnecessary..." ewing2001 [2007]

"...I still use the Internet as a 'bionic weapon' against what i think are the real bionic fascists. It could turn into a win-win situation though..." Nico Haupt, Comedian and Researcher since 80s [2009]

Sources: - runs Obama since February 2007 , see also search engine @

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My comment at screwloosechange about their AJones Obama-Movie review: "...Both Tarpley and Jones are presenting us a bunch of 'quarter truths' and for sure the NWO doesn't exist. This pseudo doku is a cover to protect euro-transnational fascists, satellite-defense industry (SDI, FCS etc..) around private military contractors, Directed Energy Weaponry distibuters and producers, oil-and energy pipeline industry for BTC, Africa and Russia/China which is working closely for SCO and BRIC. The Obama Cabinet is a treasenous bunch of scum, to bancrupt the U.S. Obama is yet another puppet, carefully protected by some race card-OP, also in the hand of Brz and Kissinger since the 80s. Furthermore his cabinet was created by the Aspen Society as several times confirmed and 80% already established by February 2007 by the Center for a new American Security incl. Dennis Blair (DNI), who furthermore runs the CIA. [Lefties are too dumb to remember that Bush introduced a law 4 years ago in the intelligence community for the new structure, therefore also the torture debate was a smokescreen, to distract from former NRO-associate Blair. It's obvious from their members, that they don't represent the democratic party at all: Lt. General Raduege/CSIS, Eric Shinseki ['Objective Force' 99/FCS/Honeywell], Michael Hayden/CIA, James L. Jones [ACUS/Aspen Society, Chevron], Susan Rice [Brookings Institution], Peter R. Orszag [Brookings Institution], X. Becerra [Aspen], Michele Flournoy [Aspen], Den Blair [Iridium Satellite LLC/BinLadin Group], J. Holdren [Lawrence Livermore, Lockheed,Tsinghua University/DEW], Chu [Lawrence Berkeley], Gelbard [Paris Club], Eric S. Lander [MIT Center for Genome Research/fellowship foundation], NASA Administrator Michael Griffin [InQTel/CIA], Arne Duncan [Aspen], Ray LaHood [republican], Hillary Clinton ["china connection"]; etc....... more notes @ ;

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