We have owned an 87 Westfalia for a few months now. My wife just had it overheat on her about 2 hours away from home (while sitting in traffic). Apparently, coolant blew out through a vent under the rear seat, filling the van with steam and spilling coolant all over the floor. Sounds like a pretty routine overheat to me, but i'm no expert.

My question is this...what can I expect in terms of the repair? I'm guessing that we should replace the radiator, but is that necessary right away? Can the fluid be replaced, air bled out, and the van be driven away (keeping an eye on the gauge, of course)?

also, any ideas how to best clean up the spilled radiator fluid inside the van?
There is an electric fan that pushes air through the radiator on your vanagon. The radiator fan is necessary mainly while sitting in traffic due to the fact that there is little or no air traveling through the radiator. There are fuses for this fan that should be checked.Let me know if you are interested in more info on the fuses.
Unless there were leaks from the radiator then it need not be replaced. Pouring coolant into it until the radiator is full, should get you down the road for a short distances at a time (2-10 miles depending on traffic conditions). If it gets hot stop and let it cool down for at least 30 minutes before running it again. It sounded to me like you are familiar with the fact that air has to be bled out to fill it properly so I won't get into that. As far as getting the coolant out of the floor a steam cleaner vacuum works best (bissle clean machine). Good luck to you.

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