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In their BlogWell San Francisco presentation, Target‘s Social Media Manager, Joe Curry, and Group Manager of Communications, Eric Hausman, discuss how they are sharing their behind-the-scenes stories with media, influencers, and guests.

Joe and Eric go into detail about how their blog/online magazine, "A Bullseye View," helps them amplify their message and share their corporate story with fans online.

Below is live coverage from the event:

-- A Bullseye View is Target’s blog/online magazine. It’s an inside look at what’s going on at Target. They have reached 10 million Facebook fans this week.

-- Eric: Target has 365,000 team members, and stores in US and Canada. It is a big organization with a great story to tell. The site launched in 6 weeks.

— Target has been doing social media for years: Facebook. Twitter, YouTube. We had to ask, “What’s next?” We wanted to tell a broader story and connect media, bloggers, customers. We wanted more stories and the users to amplify message.

— A Bullseye View magazine began with full support from Target’s executive team. All hands on deck to rally behind and come together.

The magazine uses an agency partner for content and promotion. It launched with a splash at New York Fashion Week in September 2011 by offering insider access stories.

— 6 months laster the magazine began phase two with the goal of a more Target-branded approach with easier navigation. There was a great focus on storytelling- news, partnerships, behind the scenes. Three areas of focus:

1- Issues and Perspective Management
2- Sustainability and philanthropy initivites.
3- Brand affinity- buzz and conversation about most-loved parts of Target. Be part of that conversation.

— The Marketing, Communications, and Legal teams work together in full support.

— Process: Experiment, measure, adapt, make adjustments.

The magazine is not about press realeases or official announcements- it’s about stories. One example was a sneak-peek of stores that earned tens of thousands impressions because of exclusitivity.

— “From The Vault” is a history feature story- shows Target stores and displays from back in the day, uses old photos.

— Features the Target Dog and promotes Target Cards, which has 100′s of patents and over 8000 designs. Recipes by famous chefs are very popular.

— Frequently features philanthropy and how Target gives 5% back to local schools.
The magazine was the first to announce that Target would no long use sandblasting on their jeans. There was no formal announcement or press realease.

— Black Friday is a very important feature, plus holiday staffing. 95% of Target team members volunteer on Black Friday.

— Target uses the magazine to build buzz- “royal” guests, such as designer Jason Wu. Held a February party for Jason Wu, posted exclusive photos and videos. Readers loved it because it’s not just a tweet or status update.

— Blogger Partnership- Target Cakepops post was written by a guest and cross-posted on her blog.

— Use many bloggers in areas of influence. For example: Target Mommy Blogger Ambassador, Nascar Ambassador, etc.

— Target has three executives tweeting on Twitter and they use their initials at the end of a tweet.

— A Bullseye View works on a four week editorial calendar, but flexibility allows posting within hours.

— The most successful stories are multimedia- pictures, videos, not just text.

Example: Target branding video made at a tech college went viral.

— Eric: Goal of seemless integration: to have one perspective and voice coming from all platforms. Goal of sharing something unqiue on A Bullseye View, posted to all platforms: Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Plus.

— The magazine is not just about Target products, but many posts feature products. “It’s authentic to the Target brand, a human touch to a corportation” and “Have a human feel but still be Target at the same time.”

— New: launched Pinterest, not because it is the hottest, newest platform, but because it goes well with Target brand. 50th Anniversary of first store comming up. CityTarget launch this year- urban stores in small spaces.

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