Meeting #33 - May 9, 2012.
The Design Panel - The Second Review of the Project

Here's the back story.

Two years ago, the Design Panel looked at the Little Mountain redevelopment plans for the 1st time. They reviewed schematic diagrams showing the placement of major roadways and access points into the site. They also considered basic concepts of open space and building masses.

To review Design Panel Part 1, you can stay on this Vimeo site, or go to the ARCHIVE at and open Meeting #14, of July 14, 2010.

Last week on May 9, this meeting touched upon all of those issues, but concentrating on height and density. For those of you who have attended the last few Advisory Committee meetings, you will have heard the city's perspective already, though it has undergone refinements.

To think about:
In the Urban Design Panel Meetings, the Public (AKA: The community) does NOT have a voice.

David V
May14, 2012

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