Design to Improve Life Education aims to secure that the thinking of Design to Improve Life becomes part of the curriculum for all teachers and educators in Denmark and Sweden. By this, we will distribute knowledge of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and solution-making that is based on social, economic and environmental sustainability and focus on people and users.

The project has been developed in partnership with Malmö Högskola, UCC, SDU, four high schools and four primary schools in the Øresund Region. The project has two main purposes: to develop new teaching formats based on Design to Improve Life thinking and methodologies in primary schools and high schools, and to educate and re-educate teachers in organizing courses based on the methods, thinking and approach that designers use in their creative processes.

While the students using the format will experience a creative design process where they themselves design solutions for global challenges – for example water shortage, millennium goals, health issues or urbanization - relevant to their own lives.

Through the many different assignments and tasks in the format the students develop proposal for how the identified challenges can be solved. During this process the students will learn, test and understand how to use series of creative tools that will enable them to design solutions to highly complex challenges and understand how the methodologies of Design to Improve Life can improve life for people all over the world.

At the same time, they will understand that Design to Improve Life methodologies can be the basis of problem solving in all professions and they will acquire the creative and visual competences needed to develop new ideas and to shape the best ideas into solutions that improve life for people.

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