Unconditional Loving props to the Burning Man festival and community for their heart-centered attempts to manage fitting 100,000 people into a 50,000 person-max space. This video is dedicated to both the BM staff who do an exceptional job every year doing all they possibly can to share this liberating experience with the World, as well as everyone around the planet who belongs at Black Rock City, but for whatever reason can not go.

Many people are already working to bring the Burning Man ethos out from the desert and into our daily lives. This video was created to support that movement (and bring beauty to the planet ... and have fun!).

Ash on Facebook: facebook.com/ashtribe
Credits & Deeeeeeep Gratitude:
Video Directors: Mikki Willis & Akira Chan, Elevate Films; Johann Wolf, Space Monkey Creative
Camera: Mikki Willis, Akira Chan, Hunter Boucher, Aaron Cyrus Dorr, Johann Wolf
Producer / Ash's Manager: Bryan Reeves
Executive Producers: Michael Doss & Terra Bundance (All One Family, LLC)
Song Producers: Kazuhiro Itoh & Edwin Itoh

Thanks also to Ash's Colorful "Fairy Parental Units" in the video, the wildly talented Jesselynn Desmond and Mark Highlove, and of course our brilliantly creative, in.sanely loving community who showed up to make an incredibly dynamic, fun video. We love you. You're enthusiasm and playfulness is inspiring!

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