The Horsepower team is excited to release the "teaser" video for "Horsepower" the movie, a feature-length documentary about the welfare of horses in North America! We are well into production but this is JUST THE BEGINNING.

This video offers only a taste of the topics and opinions that we are exploring. The Horsepower filmmakers believe in encouraging discussion and involvement long before the documentary is released. We want to raise awareness and educate throughout production and after the movie has screened. WE WANT TO MAKE AN IMPACT. This is why we've been posting blogs and will continue to post a range of video and other media.

We're genuinely interested in your experiences and perspectives so please give us your feedback and please get involved!

~The Horsepower Team

Ry Wardwell, Director, Editor
Chris Jonason, Producer
Sam Nuttmann, Director of Photography
Girard Fleurima, Production Sound Mixer

Original Music by: Daniel Kamas - "Wrecking Ball" (instrumental version) -


Mark Bolender -
The Bull Family

Specialized Saddles -
Black Forest Saddles -
Slow Grazer -

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