1. bk duke - all the girls (feat. nina hall - vocal mix)
2. peter brown - hey everybody
3. samir maslo - in my house
4. soul flava - music will make everything alright (feat. corey andrew)
5. the good guys - inside (feat. alex senna)
6. agent greg and terri b - time wont wait (francesco gomez remix)
7. matty menck and terri b - sky (frankie lacosta and dmitri phantom remix)
8. basti m and brockman - live your life (free your mind) (feat. nic)
9. pagano and paramour - the reflex (feat. peyton - pagano full vocal mix)
10. sl curtiz and damir pushkar - make your point (lucas reyes and rafael saenz remix)
11. roger slato - up to the sky (acn and duher remix)
12. etienne ozborne and peter brown - back together (feat. steven taetz - big room mix)
13. sean godsall and steve allen - holding on (feat. molly - original vocal mix)
14. duher - advantage (dj fist atomic remix)

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