Real guys don't care about how fashion perceives them. Self-confidence is in the heart, isn't it? We love that attitude. And 'we', that's Pelliano: a fashion label that dresses real gentlemen. Guys with character, with savoir-vivre. People who have been through things -- who are not afraid to share. Sometimes their story is painful; sometimes it's confronting. But always, it's real. Stories, brought to you in the finest couture. Pelliano. If you dare.

My name is German Villafane. I'm 45 years old and a real Peruvian Inca. Life isn't always beautiful, if you ask me. But beauty's there, on the way to perfection.

As a small child, I became severely burned -- somewhere high up in the Andes. Fortunately for me, destiny brought me to The Netherlands. People here operated on me.

And that's why I now live the life I lead. Full of conviction. I married the woman of all women. We recently became the proud parents of the first gringo-Villafane in the country. It's because of my burned arm, that I became a rich man. For I have three families: a Peruvian one, a Dutch one and my own.

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