////// INFORMATIONS //////


Bàcum /performing and visual arts

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////// SYNOPSIS //////

"Pirouette in D minor" is a multidisciplinary performance where dance, music and multimedia interaction come together in a complete language, understandable and attractive.

A shift to a life without-life, a life abandoned a routine life without consciousness, which nullified its own senses, senses that keep us in contact with the self and the outside world.

A positive claim to do, to think and feel... Here and now!

////// OBSERVATIONS //////

In this show we are working with kinect camera to take the position and movements of the dancer.
We use Max/MSP/Jitter and Processing to generate the visuals and modulate the sound.
We have designed the logistics of the performance to don't depend theaters material and can implement it without problems.
Assembling and dismantling of the show is relatively simple for the complexity of the technology used

////// CAST //////

author: Múcab Dans Company
drama / stage direction: Jordi Purtí
coreography / dancer: Irina Martínez
chief production / musician: Joan Laporta
musical composition: Marc Bahamonde
set design / construction: Santi Cabús
interaction design: Jordi Salvadó, Marta Verde and Joan Laporta
sound design: Jordi Salvadó
ligthing design: Aleix Ramisa and Bernat Jansà
costume design: Pau Fernandez
clothing: Asun Nadal

collaborators: CoNCA, Ajuntament de Figueres, Agita - Beques per a la Creació, Centre Cultural Vilanova del Vallès, L'Estruch - Fàbrica de Creació, Ajuntament de Blanes, Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Espai Jove Boca Nord, Centre Cívic Zona Nord

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