Rakesh Jacob: Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Produced by the infoPimps

I decided to shoot a music video with the DVX. I havn't touched a DVX since 2007.
WHY THE F--- would I do that!?
Because it's still a great camera and I felt it would give me the aesthetic I was looking for.

I've been doing a bunch of music videos with lens adapters recently and it's getting really boring. That same look is getting old.
Also this song has a very gritty feel to it and I didn't want a "slick," shallow DoF, portrait look. I wanted deep, wide and a very 3 demensional look with some grit to it.
I've only shot with an HVX200a without an adapter once and it was very "sterile" looking... so I figured WTF, dust off the DVX and render the outcome in 720p.

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