When I first met Grace and Warren, I walked into their house and it was lined with cages. I was a little confused and then I saw him, Dusty the bunny! Grace and Warren own three bunny rabbits. There was a lot of bunny love in that room. Joking aside, they were awesome and authentic, (I'm talking about Grace and Warren not the bunnies), and there was an instant connection. Hearing Warren’s story on how he proposed was very funny.

Grace first met Warren at her sisters house when she was watching Saturday morning cartoons. Warren came out of his room sat down on the couch and proceeded to lie down and sleep. It did not leave a good impression. Fast forward ten years and Warren tries to propose to Grace by slipping a ring on her finger while she was asleep, to trick her into saying yes. However, instead of saying yes she told him she’d think about it, thinking Warren was joking around. Then she saw the ring and made him get on one knee and redo the proposal. (Wow! He can write our scripts!)

Fast forward to the wedding day and we start off by getting a phone call from Warren saying he has slept in, seems consistent, right? ;) Anyhow we met him at Emery Marina and drove into town to pick up his vehicle of choice for the day, a 2011 Tesla Roadster! I have to tell you I didn’t think electric cars had that much torque, but this thing hauled ass! We brought out our new Hero2 gopro cam and played around with it on the car and got some pretty cool footage. It was sweet!

We drove back to the hotels in style. Grace and Warren got ready at adjacent hotels in Emeryville and were married at the beautiful Santa Maria Cathedral in Orinda, CA. It was an amazingly beautiful day for mid December without a cloud in sight. After the ceremony we drove back to Emery Marina where the reception was held at East Ocean Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant out on the bay overlooking the golden gate bridge. The reception was filled with family and friends and a blending of Asian and Philippino cultures, including an amazing Lion Dance that we had never seen before!

Congrats to Grace and Warren ( and the bunnies, especially you Dusty!)!

Stay tuned for the highlight video!


Photography by - Annie Tsai

Ceremony Venue by - Santa Maria Cathedral

Reception Venue by - East Ocean Seafood Restaurant

DJ Services by - M1Dj's LLC

Flowers by - Joann Cai

Cake Maker - Bala

Makeup and Hair - Carole Li Makeup

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