'Title sequences can be designed to provoke a particular emotion from the viewer and to create an emotional reaction, which can be discovered by reading their pulse.

This project focus' on creating a physical bond between the viewer and the video by attaching the viewer to a pulse sensor.

The video being watched is timed to their pulse, giving them a unique view according to their personal reaction.

The contents of the video are based on the poem 'The Beat Of A Heart' by Richard D. Remler. The visuals shown are my own representation of the poem and are designer in order to provoke a change in heart rate while the viewer watches it.

The more anxious, nervous or scared the viewer becomes, the quicker his pulse and therefore the quicker the pace of the video becomes.'

This is a video of the project in use by a few different people to show how the installation will work.

To view the visual content of the project , follow the below link



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