[Improved & "En COLORES" version!] The Free*Stars do their popular "study-in-brown" hit "Double-Flush Deuce" on Cinco de Mayo, 2011, @ the Ruby Room in San Diego ... & then tack on the semi-spontaneous "Blues de Culo en Fuego" - the promised (& somewhat thematically related*) Brand New Ditty: pushed out, live 'n' fresh, for this special, "MEX'd Up" F*S holiday perf of 5/5/11** ...

Sus Servidores, Los FREE*STARS:
D*Star - vox/gtr/ de lo concepto, cabrón
Alex Rodriguez - bass
Taj "Taj Halal" Easton - drums
Anabel B. - Toy*Star*Gtr/ "on that sh*t/You will sit" model (photog'd inna BRKLYN)

*[1st] NOTE: "... Deuce" & "... Fuego" represent a sort of implied Cause & two-fold Effect relationship; or, even, a (rare) respective Effect & Cause relationship - think about it ...

**[Final] NOTE: All these/ other kooky "Roquero" / "Rocanrolero" pix were done in the Singing Hills Mobile Estates trailer park in El Cajon, Calif., earlier that same day of show, May 5, 2011.
The Sad, Extremely Difficult, But Inevitably Necessary (& Promised) Act of organizing/ categorizing/ clearing out the trailer of deceased friend Russ "KCR dj Scott Tissue" Lewis - who'd lost his 5-yr battle to cancer a couple months prior ... You ever go a little CRAZY w/ palpable grief & just HAFTA do something nuts, that makes you Laff Out Loud - do something You KNOW Would've Cracked Up your hard-to-make-laff Dead Friend? Yeah? THAT. In his trailer. Using my laptop's auto-camera. Dressing up in his clothes (that I later wore @ gig). Donning my gtr, that I always bring back to CA w/ me, every time I head Back Out West from Philly to visit Dear Old Friends. Yeah. That.

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