I shot this back in November 2011 but never quite finished it :P If anyone has a HQ skeletal dragon mesh for free PM me :P

I decided to shoot at 1080p with snynced shutter all flat so I get the desired movie look.ISO was locked at a steady 125, grain was added later. I made a few different grades and ultimatlly decided for a pronounced autumn tone with leaves being a little exaggeratively colored and trees contrasted... it should add a bit of feel that puts the entire scene somewhere in a neutral woods setting. I wanted to avoid the regular "dark woods" grade as that would facilitate being lost while that was clearly not the case as our protagonist walks into the woods and is surprised by the dragon. In the original Idea the dragon would be of a reddish/brown skin color.

Another thing I wanted to do was CinemaScope at a 2.35:1 aspect. As I do not have anamorphic lenses at my disposal I compensated with wider shot angles and a crop. As I shot 1080p it did give me a reasonable amount of vertical crop but virtually no horizontal. Also it turned out that the Crop-lines I use are a little tighter then the actual fail-safes so in turn by doing aggressive croping on some scenes I purposely left a bit of the black bars in tact as I was to lazy to redo some of the scenes for the final export.

On the audio front I did redesign the sound-stage of the entire clip in 5.1 after upgrading my audio setup. It was a good exercise since I haven't done any 5.1 mixing in at least 2 years. It has been considerably dumbed down since then and the greatest chalange was to avoid crosstalk and matching the levels of individual sound sources. As this was a viral for the theme in the background I went with the Elder scrolls main theme that is an Awesome piece of orchestral music.

The Title it self is a product of a dragon i drew on my tablet a while ago some text and some fire stock. Turned out OK for 30 mins of work :P

I did export the whole thing as a 2.35:1 h264 clip with 5.1 AAC for vimeo but I do not think its gonna have 5.1. Try downloading the source file to enjoy the advanced audio mix. You will find it on the vimeo page directly.

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