In high school, I was watching Evening Magazine and there was a bit about a few guys who hiked up the south slope of Mt. St. Helens. Since then, I've wanted to do this. I knew the time of year, the dangers, the route, but needed people to be excited about it. Finally, it happened thanks to the help of Tim and Pat. So, we drove down on a Friday night and just caught the fine people at the Lone Fir Resort before they closed to grab our pass. We then drove up to the trail head and ended up sleeping in a parking space. At 3am, our neighbors woke us all up individually. We decided to get a move on it. At 4, we were on the trail and hit the tree line at 5 for the beginnings of sunrise. The hike up was a brutal 6,000 vertical feet in the mostly icy snow (made harder by my broken snowshoe), but the ride down in slushy, fun spring snow made it all worthwhile. It was truly exhausting, but worth it.

Music: "Spread your Love" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Shot on a Contour HD, Canon 60D (Canon 50mm f1.8 and Sigma 20mm f1.8 lenses), iPod Touch, 4 foot PVC pipe with 1/4 inch bolt and Contour HD waterproof case. Edited in Premiere Pro.

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