Well... the title is self explanatory really. Usually a Greek wedding should be recognised by its intensity, and this particular one had loads of it. The diversity and the size of the footage (to be seen in the final version) are absolutely enormous, and at times it feels more like an action movie than a wedding!

Read this: During Sakis' walk to Dimitra's house, the bride's relatives built a barricade to block them away! Add to this a bus driver that almost dirtied his pants when his vehicle was stopped by the crowds, as well as some really nice weaponry (and also a huge oriental ballet) and you've got a really strong wedding. A wedding so passionate, like we want a real Greek wedding to be.

You will notice that we "pixelated" a couple of scenes regarding the bus driver. The guy didn't drink the shots offered, but in order to prevent ugly things from happening, we blurred his face away.

Filmed with Sony NEX-FS100, Sony FX1 and Canon 7D.

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