'Gettin By' is a comedy TV series.
Ezra Stone and his struggling performer buddies live in a rent controlled apartment in New York City that doubles as a TV studio and is owned by Russian gangsters who want them out. His wacky parents, the former lease holders, fail as grass fed beef farmers upstate and are forced to move back in with Ezra and his friends.

A new series created and written by Dan Simon & Patrick Davin.

Produced by Dan Simon, Patrick Davin, Pedro Padilla and Gregory Lay.

Cinematography by Pedro Padilla

Directed & Edited by Dan Simon

Cast: Gregory Lay, Dan Simon, Alex Emanuel, Sunilda Reyes, Mark Borkowski, Lukas Hassel, Jamie Nelson, Grace Rex, Katie Hilliard, Roy Del Toro, Roger Hendricks Simon, William Otterson, Doris Gramovot, Jake Choi, Gail Lawrence, Patrick Davin

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