Board Meeting of May 17, 2012
Call to Order Recognitions
Superintendent’s Report
Consent Agenda
Principal’s Instructional Showcase Special Reports
General Discussion
Public Comment
Board Business
7 pm
Student/Staff Recognition
Rob Glass thanked the community for its support of the bond issue, its engagement in the process and input into the plan and its participation at the voting booth.
Approved 7-0: Minutes of May 3, Bills for the period 4/13/12 to 5/11/12, Financial Statements for April 30, Purchase of vehicles for Physical Plant Services and Information Services, Personnel Actions – 6 resignations and 1 leave of absence.
Andover High School – Rob Durecka and Sarah Hershey introduced four students who presented highlights of their MYP Personal Project.
? Brenda Deacon presented Fall 2011 MEAP Results.
? Ed Bretzlaff presented the latest activities in the High School Transition
Plan, including the kickoff of the design process with architects.
? Rob Herner presented an overview of the May 9 meeting of the Finance/Facilities/Legal Affairs (FFLA) Committee meeting.
? Jackie El-Sayed presented an overview of the May 11 meeting of the Board Instruction Committee (BIC).
? Mark Bank requested that the question of 4 versus 6-year terms for Board members be discussed at the June 7 meeting.
? Cynthia von Oeyen reviewed the list of candidates for the Oakland Schools Board of Education.
No one addressed the Board during Public Comment.
? Revisions to Policy 5306: Anti-Bullying and to the anti-bullying provision of the Uniform Code of Student Conduct – Approved 7-0.
? Request to Develop Millage Rates for 2012-13 – Approved 7-0.
? Proposed 2012-13 Budget for Oakland Intermediate School District –
Approved 7-0.
? Request to appoint Mrs. Day as the BHS designate for the 2012
Electoral Body for the Oakland Intermediate School District Board of Education and to cast votes for Theresa Rich and Mark Katz for the six- year terms and George Ehlert for the partial two-year term. Approved 7-0.
? Request to Approve Resolution to Re-designate Funds from the Co- Curricular Endowment Fund to the Capital Improvements Fund for use toward construction/renovation costs of Bloomfield Hills High School – Approved 7-0.

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