Steck isn’t just a fast climber. His application of speed and ultra-marathon level endurance to mountaineering is as revolutionary as Reinhold Messner’s introduction of alpine-style climbing to the Himalayas in the 1970s. Steck is, in effect, creating a new sport, shattering speed records by moving faster over snow, rock and ice than most climbers can imagine. And like all new sports, Steck’s style of Alpine Speed Climbing requires new equipment—gear lighter, simpler and more efficient than anything before.

To develop this next generation of alpine gear, Steck teamed up with Mountain Hardwear’s product development team.
For the past year, they have worked together to create the ultimate Alpine Speed Climbing kit, a system of apparel,
accessories and equipment that’s not just lighter than anything available today, but designed with a simplicity and efficiency of function tailored to Steck’s style.

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