“Sounds of Complexity” is an artistic project that moves
from the field of cognitive science and neurosciences.

It’s an audiovisual performance in which the sound ma-
terials and the visual mappings are the consequence of
very complex and stratified processes that hardly can be
represented with symbolic forms in our world. It’s an at-
tempt to make audible and visible the dynamics and the
interactions that for their richness, variety and complexity
are unheard and invisible.
The audio material of the performance derives from the
analogic recording of cerebral activities through an ana-
logic elettroencephalograph (EEG) and corresponds to the
discharges of billions of neurons situated in the sixth layer
of human cerebral cortex, disposed vertically respect to
the scalp.

The crude sound of brain is translated in an audible fre-
quencies through techniques of pitch shifting; such mate-
rial is then processed digitally in real time and the cor-
responding frequencies transformed in a Cartesian space
to form visual trajectories projected on 3 screens that
react dynamically.

To support this project vote online for it at Celeste Prize 2009, celesteprize.com/kinotek

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