I was looking for a fast 35mm prime legacy lens and was turned onto this lens by someone who owned it. This is one extremely affordable lens that shines in all aspects. Great color rendition, it's fast, tacksharp (at all apertures), solid build with very smooth focus ring in a 'pancake' package. (is this the original pancake lens)? I bought my copy of this lens, including a completely functional Konica TC camera body, for a mere 20 euro's.
Immediately after I picked up the lens, I mounted it on my GH2 and made some shots at the BMX-shop, where my son got a bike for his 11th birthday.
I love this lens and it should be great for interviews, portraits. It's also the lens that always fits in your bag -since it's so compact- and that is another not to be underestimated asset of this fine piece of glass. Find one on an old camera and you'll get a great deal. This lens will not disappoint you.


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