Part 03/20 of a movie filmed, edited, directed and produced by Marc Arnaud Boussat, based on two public representations of the ballet "Dall'Interno" at the Théatre de la Ville, Paris, in April 1998. All the effects you can see were made live during the first filming -with one video camera, in the dark and through a black and white eye view finder- while I was discovering the spectacle for the first time, without rehearsal nor preparation! I came back at the next representation to get some additional shots further from the stage and without live effects. Then i edited both shots like if it was a multi-camera shooting. Here is the 3rd part -out of 20- of the ballet and the film. Enjoy! More to come soon.

Credits for the ballet:
Carolyn Carlson: Co-Director and Choreographer
Gianni de Luigi: Co-Director and Dramatist
Jean Schwarz & Bob Dylan: Music
Lighting designer: Patrice Besombes
Visual design: Carolyn Carlson, Gianni de Luigi, Patrice Besombes based on drawings by Carolyn Carlson
Costume director: Mine Verges based on drawings by Carolyn Carlson
Dancers: Carolyn Carlson, Colette Mayle, Nina Hyvarinen, Khalid Benghrib, Gianni Joseph, Fabrice Lambert, Juha Pekka Marsalo, Yuval Pick, Tero Saarinen, Roland Van Loor
Singers: Suzanna Gozetti, Christina Scagliotti
Rehearsals:Colette Mayle
Production department: Alain Normand, Guy Merland
Lighting: Patrice Besombes, Jean-Yves de Saint Fuscien
Projections: Vincent Combret, Yvan Allot
Audio: Claire Thiebault, Alain Galceran
Stage: Rachel Quarmby
Intern technician: Bienvenu Batta
Production: Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carlson & Théatre de la ville, Paris.

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