Works with RED One, RED MX, and RED EPIC files up to 5K. Does not work with HDRx. Scarlet support coming soon.

Make sure to download the RED plugin from Avid's website. It's required for this workflow:

Download REDCINE X PRO here:

I'm using Symphony 6 here but the workflow is identical in Media Composer. Start in Redcinex pro for a one light of the R3ds. Then we go to Avid for AMA native R3D playback, then cut offline DNxHD36 files and relink to the originals, and then wrap up with mastering at 1080 and grading DNxHD444 media.

Footage from RED MX. Zeiss MKII Superspeeds. Steadicam operated by Brent Johnson. Starring Chris Marino.

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