With people becoming more aware about the problems of climate change and our impact on the planet, the heat reflection canopy is intended to work in conjunction with a standard patio heater to reduce the amount of heat required to warm the social area below. The heat reflection canopy therefore reduces the negative impact of the patio heater on the environment, as well as achieving an aesthetical social area for the users.

This project came about as the patio heater market begun to rise with patio heaters becoming a more desirable must have product for entertaining and socialising in outdoor spaces. Yet the inefficiency of patio heaters has been challenged with certain groups calling for an out right ban.

The heat reflection canopy works with the patio heat by trapping and reflecting all the rising heat which would otherwise be lost and wasted back down providing otherwise lost warmth reducing the amount of energy required from the patio heater and in turn the amount of CO2 produced. The canopy is designed to reflect over 90% of heat with its overlapping petal sails allowing for air follow. The shape and form of the petal sails were both inspired by nature and the overall shape of the canopy is a playful nod towards the film “War of the Worlds”, in which nature saves us.

Acknowledging that not everyone is ready to give up patio heaters just yet, the heat reflection canopy is designed not to replace but to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact until such a point where a more sustainable solution can be found.

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