The Syndicate Subsessions is a series of performances set to take place quarterly to be curated by audio-visual collective, Syndicate, in partnership with The Substation. Known for their successful club nights after two years of pushing experimental sights & sounds in Home Club, Syndicate challenges it own status quo by venturing out of a club and moving into a performance space. The collective intends to create a different environment where full focus and attention will be given to the music performance and visual content it is presenting. This immersion will allow the performers to explore creative presentations for their music as well. For each installment, Syndicate will also be inviting a guest artist to perform a special set for the night.

Syndicate Subsession 01 featured GEMA, a lover of analog synthesizers, sub-bass and poly-rhythms. Gema’s beats and pieces are filled with warm synths over a nice dosage of low end frequencies and accompanied with smooth gliding keys. Other than his audio explorations, Gema experiments with visuals as well and he has created a series of visuals to accompany this special performance.

The inaugural installment on 24 March also featured acclaimed electronic act Muon, who launched their sophomore album The Shape of Shapes to Come on the same night. As the brainchild of Nick Chan, Muon has been evolving for close to a decade bridging the disparate gap between the worlds of explosive rock and dark electronica without falling prey to the trappings of either. Preferring the surgical efficiency of working with robots (of the human variety or otherwise), the music of Muon is a cold and bleak trip into a landscape where the marriage between dehumanized emotion and callous machines is perfectly complete.

COMING SOON ON 2ND JUNE 2012 +++ Get your tickets early to prevent disappointment ++++

Saturday 2 June 2012, 8pm-10pm
The Substation Theatre
Admission: $20 available from the box office, contact Mish’aal 6337 7800 / boxoffice@substation.org

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