For this second video, I introduce you the most important festival in Misasa : The Hanayu Festival.
Every year in May (3rd and 4th this year), a lot of people come to see and even participate in the main event, a giant tug of war.

More about the festival :
Misasa's Hanayu Festival is an event that celebrates the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha with a giant tug of war called Jinsho. The festival is also a way to give thanks for the healing properties of the hot springs. The Jinsho is the main event of the Hanayu Festival. It is made up of two parts, male and female. Each part is built with plaited creepers of wisteria and can be about 80m long, up to 1.5m wide and 2 tons in weight. After the male and female parts of the rope have been successfully connected the tug of war will start at the Ryokumon (the green arch) and at that point the two teams (East and West) begin to pull. It is said that if the East wins, farming will be plentiful, and if the West wins commerce will be prosperous. This event has been held since the old times and in the year of 1873 it was shaped as we know it today. It is said that touching the rope prevents illness. Every year, many local residents and tourists come to participate in the tug of war.

(The jinsho has been classified as a national cultural asset by the Japanese government in 2009)

"Ver Elini Hayvanlar Alemi" by Hayvanlar Alemi (

Shot with a Panasonic HC-X900M

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